New Play Place In BF Homes!

Hello, parents of the south! If you are a work-at-home, stay-at-home, or freelance parent like me, you know that it can get challenging to find things to do with your little kiddos. I have my go-to activities and places, but it’s always exciting to find new ones that are child-friendly, mentally stimulating for your kid, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Which means you can do it more often!

And that’s why I was BEYOND elated when I discovered Hands n’ Mind in Pergola Mall in BF Homes Paranaque! You guys. You guys! Continue reading


See You Later, Alligator {In A While, Crocodile}

It was at this time last week when I knew something was wrong. I woke up at 9:30am and saw what looked like my mucus plug in the toilet. For the uninitiated, that’s this tiny little thing that keeps your cervix closed. Losing it signals the beginning of labor.

I thought nothing of it, just some usual pregnant lady things. I was roughly six weeks along and since I had spotted all throughout my first pregnancy, this didn’t really bother me at first. So I went to breakfast with some girlfriends and ignored the pain that was beginning to dully pound away at my lower back. What I didn’t know at that time was it was labor pains, and that in an hour, I was going to lose my child. Continue reading

I’m Not Always Okay, and That’s Okay

I’ve been wanting to write about this topic for a long time, but I could never find the right words to describe it. I know there are many others who go through the same thing, but don’t have a name for it either. It’s like water slowly rising all around you, until your feet are off the ground and you struggle to keep your head above water. Pedaling and treading and paddling for days and days, without anything solid to hold on to. You choke, you swallow water, sputtering and gasping, you get so tired. But you can’t stop moving, because you know that if you do, you’re going to drown.

When things got really, really bad when I had my baby, I decided to read more about what I was going through, and talked to friends who have gone through treatment for mood disorders or mental illness. I stopped short at seeing a professional, mostly because 1) Treatment is freaking expensive and 2) How do you place mental illness/mood disorder in a life that is supposedly anchored on Christ? Continue reading

So, What Do You Do All Day?

This is a question I hear often, being a work-at-home mom without household help or a yaya. It is difficult for people to fathom that I spend majority of my day with a tiny little terror whose favorite past-time is anything that DOES NOT involve any form of sitting or relaxation. Other ways of asking this question is “what’s your schedule like?” or “Sa bahay lang kayo?”

Some people skip the question altogether and just assume that I am “a woman of leisure” and they so wish they could do what I do. This one never fails to make me belly laugh. I’m unsure of what they mean by “leisure”, but that’s not something I actually get to do often. Maybe 2 hours every other week, 4 tops.

It’s a fair question, really. I’m sure that 2005 Kris wondered the same thing. I am also pretty sure I vowed that I would never stay at home, and yet here I am.

So, what DO I do all day?

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When You Can, Cuddle

Cuddling is a scarce thing for me and my husband these days. We practice bedsharing, and the tiniest member of our family takes up the most space, usually between us, not leaving a lot of room for cuddling with my man.

But last night, we were forced to do so because the little guy was taking up 2/3 of our queen-sized bed, leaving only the edge for us. As Niki and I snuggled into our little space, we tried to find the most comfortable position that didn’t involve breathing all night long into each other’s faces. His heavy arm rested on my hip bone, which made me slightly pleased to know that my hip bone could still jut out like that and wasn’t hidden under massive layers of jiggly jell-o.

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Makati Parks Review: Legaspi Village


One of the wonderful joys of being a work-at-home-mom is having the ability to spend my days with my little adventurer. BUT! It is also one of my biggest challenges. “Seriously, WHAT DO PEOPLE DO ALONE WITH KIDS ALL DAY??” Those were my thoughts early on, when Elon was nothing but a little worm squirming inside his swaddle, staring at me and cooing / complaining.

He’s 19 months old now, and boy oh boy this little guy NEVER STOPS. And he can’t stand being indoors all day either, just like mommy. This means we are constantly on the go, looking for things to do, places to invade, restaurants to disturb. This is why having parks and outdoor playgrounds is so important to me – it helps my kid get exercise, lots of sunlight, and then eventually be so exhausted he sleeps for two hours during his nap. HE HE HE.

So I’m starting off my review with two parks in Legazpi Village, which I only discovered a few days ago, thanks to Facebook crowdsourcing!

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