New Play Place In BF Homes!

Hello, parents of the south! If you are a work-at-home, stay-at-home, or freelance parent like me, you know that it can get challenging to find things to do with your little kiddos. I have my go-to activities and places, but it’s always exciting to find new ones that are child-friendly, mentally stimulating for your kid, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Which means you can do it more often!

And that’s why I was BEYOND elated when I discovered Hands n’ Mind in Pergola Mall in BF Homes Paranaque! You guys. You guys!


Hands N’ Mind is actually a wooden toy store (my favorite kind!), but they opened up a space where kids can play with some of the best. stuff. ever! Most of the toys are from Hape and Plan Toys, but there are smaller brands that don’t cost as much too.

One half of the store is filled with these great toys that kids can play with for a fee- kitchen sets, blocks, train and car tracks, tool shed set, and other really great wooden toys that even much smaller babies can enjoy.

And the rates are extremely reasonable too. Don’t forget to bring socks!



Here is the best part: If your kid is 3 and up, and is independent and potty trained, you can leave them there (they have a caretaker) and you can go down to the grocery and SHOP FOR GROCERIES IN PEACE. Heaven. There are also salons, nail spas, cafes, and other stores nearby so really, you can have your alone-time will knowing that your child is safe and happy. The only thing you have to worry about is how to get them to finally leave :))

I want you to know that THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST! I’m just really happy I found this place and I want to give you, my fellow wild-eyed parents, to have other options for both you and your little ones. 🙂

Check out their facebook here. And also! They offer a mobile play area service that you can use for birthday parties or have as a corner for wedding receptions and other events, to keep them critters busy while you party! HOORAY FOR US! And hooray for places that help stimulate the mind of our bright-eyed little spawn. ❤dav


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