So, What Do You Do All Day?

This is a question I hear often, being a work-at-home mom without household help or a yaya. It is difficult for people to fathom that I spend majority of my day with a tiny little terror whose favorite past-time is anything that DOES NOT involve any form of sitting or relaxation. Other ways of asking this question is “what’s your schedule like?” or “Sa bahay lang kayo?”

Some people skip the question altogether and just assume that I am “a woman of leisure” and they so wish they could do what I do. This one never fails to make me belly laugh. I’m unsure of what they mean by “leisure”, but that’s not something I actually get to do often. Maybe 2 hours every other week, 4 tops.

It’s a fair question, really. I’m sure that 2005 Kris wondered the same thing. I am also pretty sure I vowed that I would never stay at home, and yet here I am.

So, what DO I do all day?

I have wrestled with this question so many, many times. It has made me feel very sad about no longer being able to do all the things I used to do. It has made me feel proud whenever my son blurts out a mispronounced word out of the blue (today he said “hub”, which is ElonSpeak for “hug”). It has made me go insane on days when I have deadlines and clients breathing down my neck. It has driven me to tears when all I want is to take a dump with the door closed, and not have a toddler play with Talking Tom on a tablet on my knee.

But this point is my favorite one – it has made me realize just how important my job really and truly is.

Because you see, one day, Elon may become President. If that is God’s will for his life, well by golly gee I better prepare the little runt to handle that weight.

Or maybe one day, he’ll become an engineer. I better start honing his love for discovery and learning, so he can build and create world-changing things.

Maybe one day he’ll become a father of 5 children, all maddeningly vibrant and active just like he is today. I better prepare him for the kind of love and patience he is going to need to raise them to be even better than himself.

He could decide to be in an advertising agency, or marketing, or sales! Which means I should allow him to love people and to love socializing, to not let his imagination be boxed in, and help develop his confidence in his own abilities.

He could become a musician or an athlete, so I have to make sure to instill in him that hard work trumps talent, and having both will help him find success and fulfillment.

He could be anything his heart desires. And for as long as he is willing to trust God’s hand in his life, then he doesn’t need to be afraid or pressured by the world’s standards or timelines.

And the most important realization i’ve had recently is that whatever kind of man we want Elon to become, those are the kind of people my husband and I need to be. If he is to be kind, loving, confident, curious, happy, helpful, compassionate – these are the things we need to become. Because where else is he going to learn these things first but from home?

That’s what I do all day. I hone, I encourage, I discipline. We dance, sing, draw, laugh, cry, go on the swings, see-saw, down the slide. I hold, hug, kiss, bathe, brush, wipe. We learn, discover, get dirty, go high, go underground, hide, seek, explore. All day long I watch him learn, unfold, find out what makes him happy, what frustrates him, what makes him eager to try again.  All day long, by the grace of God, I try to become a better mom, wife, human being- for the sake of my son. For the sake of the world that I will be leaving him in. Whatever kind of man he becomes one day is partly determined by the kind of life we give him, the kind of parents we are, the kind of people he sees us as. And so that’s what I do all day.

I hope that answers your question.


2 thoughts on “So, What Do You Do All Day?

  1. dacounsel says:

    Great post! What a weird question. Any woman who’s been on maternity leave knows that you stay busy all day. Being a stay at home mom is much harder than working outside the home.

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