Makati Parks Review: Legaspi Village


One of the wonderful joys of being a work-at-home-mom is having the ability to spend my days with my little adventurer. BUT! It is also one of my biggest challenges. “Seriously, WHAT DO PEOPLE DO ALONE WITH KIDS ALL DAY??” Those were my thoughts early on, when Elon was nothing but a little worm squirming inside his swaddle, staring at me and cooing / complaining.

He’s 19 months old now, and boy oh boy this little guy NEVER STOPS. And he can’t stand being indoors all day either, just like mommy. This means we are constantly on the go, looking for things to do, places to invade, restaurants to disturb. This is why having parks and outdoor playgrounds is so important to me – it helps my kid get exercise, lots of sunlight, and then eventually be so exhausted he sleeps for two hours during his nap. HE HE HE.

So I’m starting off my review with two parks in Legazpi Village, which I only discovered a few days ago, thanks to Facebook crowdsourcing!

We started our morning in Washington Sycip Park on Legaspi street, Legaspi vilage, which is of walking distance from Greenbelt 1.


It’s a great place to stroll around or relax in, since there are a lot of benches and it’s covered in trees! It’s nice that they have signs on the trees with the names, so you get a little education with your relaxation. There are a few sculptures and installation pieces, and a lovely little pond with fountains and a waterfall.

The park would be a good place to let the little one nap in the stroller, if you’re lucky enough to have a kid who would do that. Haha. We didn’t last too long in there because there really isn’t much for a toddler to do, except poke things with a stick and try to jump into the water. Which probably isn’t such a good idea.


Good thing the Legaspi Active Park is right across it. This park is a liiiiiittle bit better for toddlers, since there are wide open spaces where they can run in, and a small playground set. The area is clean, quiet, and there are barely any people around.

However, they obviously planted the playground area and then forgot all about it. The thing is covered in graffiti, and not the artistic kind. Just some love notes and scribbles from bored people.

Plus, one of the slides has a huge hole in it, so yeah. Don’t let the kids get on it.


All in all, we spent around 45 minutes in both parks. It’s a nice and safe enough area for a little stroll, but not a whole afternoon of family fun. Maybe after merienda in Greenbelt you can walk it off there and let the kids get dirty and active before heading home and going to bed.

The Deets:

Parking: Street parking in the surrounding areas are available until 5 PM. You can also park at Greenbelt 1 if you’re in the mood for a little walk.

Address: Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City.

Rating: 2.5 / 5 poopy diapers


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