{Toddler Crime} Crayon Scribbles EVERYWHERE

A couple of days ago, I gave my son a bunch of crayons, an empty notebook, and some freedom. I left him for a bit to wash dishes, and I come back to this: A bunch of crayons, an empty notebook, and a floor covered in crayon scribbles.

This is his “Mommy I did something” look. He also has this look whenever he’s chewing on toilet paper, receipts, or anything else he probably shouldn’t be chewing on.

I also found scribbles on our doors. I didn’t get a chance to photograph it before cleaning them, but I would say his style would fall under abstract. Haha.

My son admiring his handiwork. Thank God I didn’t give him markers! *Shudder*

Anyhoos, I wasn’t quite sure what to use to clean the “art” up, so I grabbed the spray bottle nearest me, and it was my homemade dusting spray. I found the recipe from this site, which is filled with ah-mah-zing DIY, all-natural things! I sprayed it on, scrubbed a little with a microfiber cloth and voila! No more crayon scribbles! Worked on the tile floor and the doors too. IMG_4023                      IMG_4024 It has 4 ingredients, it’s perfectly safe for little children, and I’m pretty sure you have at least 3 of the ingredients in your house right now.

So here’s all you need:

– 1 cup water

– 1/4 cup distilled white vinegar

– 2 tablespoons olive oil

– 10 – 15 drops essential oil of your choice. I used peppermint because, well, peppermint!

Just mix them all up in a spray bottle and shake before using! The vinegar is a fantastic disinfectant, the olive oil will keep your wood furniture conditioned and the essential oil is antibacterial (tea tree is also a great option, as well as lemon or orange) and smells great. Plus as we just discovered, it’s great at cleaning up toddler crimes too 😉 Now go mix one up and enjoy a dust-free, crayon-scribble-free (for now) home!


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