Love For Leftovers

Ever since we moved to the new place I’ve been challenging myself in different ways. During my first year of mommyhood I was pretty much held back by post-partum anxiety (more on this next time, when I have the words to explain).

I focused on getting better, moving past it and staying sane while taking care of my son. Not much got done around the house, which, I think, actually added to my condition. When I’m not moving or creating, I feel really useless. This year, by God’s amazing love and grace, that’s gonna change.

My first challenge we can call, hmmm, Going Natural. Basically I’m trying to remove unnecessary chemicals around the house, starting with cleaning solutions. It’s amazing how much you can do with distilled vinegar, blue Dawn dishwashing liquid, baking soda, essential oils and Castile soap. I’m going to update on my favorite mix once I decide which one cleans best for what! I’m working my way towards more natural skin products too. God knows I need to show my sad, sad skin some love.

But what I’m currently excited about is my No Man Gets Left Behind challenge. Which basically is my effort to not waste food and find creative ways to turn leftovers into yummy, simple dishes. Emphasis on simple because cooking is not my forte :)) However, I have to say, it’s been going pretty well so far, and I haven’t burned the kitchen down. Yet.

I took leftover dory and mixed it into Thai fried rice, with tomatoes, pineapples, eggs and garlic, a splash of soy sauce and a dash of salt. It was surprisingly yummy!

Tonight I’m using the leftover pineapples, corn kernels (from a previous dish), shredded fish, and adding shredded chicken, tomatoes and cucumber and pitas to make a wrap station for dinner. I’ll just cook the proteins in some herbs and spices (yay for Mrs. Dash!) and then let the husband choose how he wants to mix and match. This will leave my fridge free of leftovers! Yay!

And finally, the Blog It Good challenge, which I’m sort of failing haha. I will write at least one entry a week, using nursing time to do so. This one is the toughest, because I am itching to just drown myself in Impossibly perfect Pinterest projects and play Cookie Jam on my phone. LOL.

Those are starters. I want to take small steps first, remind myself how capable I am as a mother, a wife, and as Kris. At the end of the day, that’s the real challenge.


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