The No Coffee Experiment


The past two weeks have been pretty horrid for us, sleep-wise. Naps are awesome, but the night time brings with it a ton of wakings, frustration and obviously, lack of sleep.

I’ve been attributing this madness to his teething (4 little buggers are coming in), and we’re giving homeopathic teething gel and Camilia to help with his discomfort. His first stretch of sleep is the longest, from 2.5-3 hours straight. After that, it’s hourly until I finally bring him to bed with me. But even bedsharing no longer guarantees straight sleep like it used to. It does, however, guarantee me being kicked in the vagina, punched on the boob and spending a few minutes in the bathroom crying out to God and asking Him why I’m being punished this way.

Now during the day, my son is the sweetest, funniest, smiliest, cuddliest little ball of energy. Which is why the nights are harder still– I can’t seem to figure out what turns my lovely fella into an MMA fighter at night. Which is what has brought me to this point. Yes, this rambling has a point.

I love coffee so darn much, but today I decided to lay off it (one week at a time) to see if there is any change in Elon’s sleep habits. I doubt it actually has any effect but this is how desperate I am.

Today all I’ve had is two cups of chamomile tea and one long, throbbing headache. Withdrawal is the worst. I’m also really pissy and I want to kick a kitten. The worst part– elon kicked me a million times before finally falling asleep. I put him down in the crib but now I am currently nursing him back to sleep for the third time tonight– and he’s only been asleep two hours. UGH. This experiment better be worth it.

I’m giving it one week. Then I’ll try to extend to another week. I will try my best to diligently write down the effects to see if caffeine has been the culprit all along.

So here we are, day one caffeine- free. And I want to stab somebody.


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