Nautical Birthday Bash!

I feel like such a grown up with the passing of this milestone- planning and executing my son’s first birthday party! It was tiring, it was so much fun, it was full of food, love, awesome presents and noisy kids and hugs and kisses too. Just the way it should be 😊

We originally wanted a picnic style birthday party, but none of the outdoor venues we wanted were available! I guess that’s the first lesson I learned: book early. Especially since Elon’s birthday is in December and people are having parties left and right.

So we settled on Blue Whale Grill in Fun Ranch in Pasig. It’s accessible, spacious and laid out well. Plus there was a play area for the kiddos which made them very happy.

Since the decor was mostly ocean- themed, we ran with it and went nautical. Simple, clean and easy to find decor inspiration!

The service of Blue Whale Grill is AMAZING. I went there early with my husband and one of my best friends so we could set up, and ended up barely lifting a finger. I took out all my DIY stuff, gave instructions and their super helpful team set everything up for us. It was so efficient! So that was definitely a huge factor in my happiness that day.

It was a really simple set up though! And everything was handmade πŸ™‚

For the backdrop I just used crepe paper and balloons. I cut the paper into small strips and pasted them on to corrugated board which made it easier to transport and later on thumb tacked it onto the backdrop. Balloons of the same color were tacked on to the top part. There were supposed to be more balloons but people started coming in so we only ended up with one layer!


I found some great printables online and made some nautical buntings.


My super talented and generous friend, Reggie Mendoza, offered to make Elon’s cake. She did a SUPER job with it too! Three layers of awesomeness right there! I also found the cardboard letters from Invitation House.



For the grown ups’ giveaways, we had nautical cupcakes in chocolate, vanilla and carrot flavors. My mother-in-law is wonderful and she ordered these lovely babies for us.



For the kiddos, I put together “edible fishbowls”. Basically, it’s a glass jar with lid, filled with crushed graham crackers for sand, blue sprinkles for the water, some rock candy and white chocolate knick knacks for the fish. It was simple, easy and cute! Yummy too 😊



That’s it! We kept the program simple – dedication ceremony, eating time, a couple of games and then singing and giveaways. I think everyone had fun and went home full πŸ™‚ we definitely did!


In fact, the little guy was so tired he was totally knocked out, and when he woke up it took him a while to reboot, haha.



This was super fun to do but I think I’m waiting til he’s 7 before I plan another big party for the little guy! πŸ˜‚


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