Babywearing Wonder


Wearing your baby is amazing and I wish I had done it earlier in Elon’s very young life. I would have been able to accomplish more, and it probably would’ve boosted my confidence in my Mom Skills because i’d be more in tune with his every beat. I started wearing him more often in the last couple of months because I finally figured out how to use my MamaWay Ring Sling . Elon’s neck was also strong enough so that I could wear him tummy to tummy, and I swear it changed my life.

There are a ton of reasons to wear your baby. My favourites are:

1. Worn babies cry less. In cultures (such as mine) where babies are constantly carried and physically reassured, they don’t find the need to cry about much, unless they’re hungry or sleepy or uncomfortable, and even then the crying fits don’t really last long. Since baby is in such close proximity, it’s much easier to see their cues and respond to it immediately. And don’t worry — you won’t spoil your baby! Wearing them so close to you helps them focus on learning about the world around them, instead of fussing and worrying about being left alone. They feel reassured that you’ll be right there with them and in turn become more confident children.

2. Hands free movement. You can blog, shop, work, eat, clean up around the house a little bit and maybe do some laundry! This is especially useful during growth spurts or mental leaps, when babies are extra clingy and needy. Seriously, this makes me wish that I started wearing Elon as early as 2 weeks old! But he was still so little and fragile looking that I didn’t feel comfortable smushing him into a sling. It would have been a lot easier on me though, since the little bugger became a catnapper when he turned 3 months old, and we didn’t have a helper around the house. So young and already so against naps!

3. Sleeping on the go. I am a very social person and I HATE being cooped up all alone in the house. A lot of my postpartum ugly crying was because of cabin fever. All I wanted to do was go out and be around people, have adult conversation or watch a movie with my husband. But then there was this little guy who needed to take naps or else he’d get too overstimulated and then all hell would break loose. Ever since I started wearing him, I’ve been a lot more confident about taking him out and about with me. So when I see him start rubbing his eyes or yawning, I scoop him up into his sling, look for a quiet corner and after a couple of minutes of him protesting he’ll be fast asleep against my chest. His eyes and ears are covered so I can go about my business and not worry about the outside world disturbing his nap. I get to go out AND my little guy isn’t overtired, which means no meltdowns! Win-win!

I think they sleep so well in slings because it reminds them of being in our bellies. It must be so familiar, the rhythm of our walk and the beating of our hearts. Must be the most comforting thing amidst the chaos of this big new world they’re now living in 🙂

5. Easy access to the ladies. This one took a little bit of getting used to, but now with just a little adjustment and some sleight of hand, I can breastfeed little E without anyone really noticing. I walk around the mall while doing this and the masses are none-the-wiser, haha. Although to be perfectly honest, I prefer breastfeeding without a cover. If only people aren’t so scandalised by public breastfeeding! :p

There are a ton more scientific data that supports baby wearing, but these are the reasons that make me happy and I hope it helps you too 🙂 There are tons and tons of different kinds of slings and carriers, with different ways of wearing and types of fabric. Research and try out the ones that will suit your baby and your lifestyle. Happy babywearing, awesome mamas!


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