Bigger and Bigger Everyday

It’s like I can see my son changing before my very eyes. Yesterday, at a sweet 20 weeks old, he started using his feet to launch himself forward during tummy time! Very soon he’s gonna figure out how to crawl and I’ll never be able to let him out of my sight!

But what I’m really excited about is his sleeping habits. While watching TV with my husband last night out in the living room, I heard my son cry. So as per usual, I ran to the room to soothe him. But by the time I got to the crib and was about to pick him up, he stopped and settled himself down! My little baby soothed himself back to sleep!!

This is such a big deal to me because Elon was never a very good sleeper. Lately, I could see that he was struggling to put himself back to sleep but was never successful, and always woke himself up crying and frustrated after 1.5-2 hours of sleep. So seeing him finally succeed made my heart soar. And he succeeded a couple more times last night, so even if I still got up a couple of times I didn’t mind so much. I finally see hope that soon my son will sleep longer!!! 5 hours straight is such a lovely idea to me. So lovely.

And then another wonderful thing happened– at 6am today, I heard little kicks and scuffling in the crib. I woke up suddenly afraid he would cry, but there he was, awake and happy and smiling. He woke up without crying! And was happy in the crib alone!!! I almost jumped for joy. But I opted for morning kisses and sniffies instead 🙂

It’s amazing how we can see our little ones develop before our very eyes! We really have to keep watching, or it’s so easy to miss little moments like these ones 🙂



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