Dealing With Baby Eczema

I know it doesn’t sound like much, but I tell ya, seeing your baby all red, dry, itchy with a few wet and weepy rashes can be really tough to take. It’s also especially hard because I’m not used to such sensitivity! I grew up rolling around in dirt and playing in the street, with nary a thought about what it would do to my skin.

But now it’s all about 100% cotton onesies and towels, a hypoallergenic diet, making sure the room temperature is cool but not too cool because it might dry his skin up… the things to consider are endless! 

Currently, we’ve tried Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream, Desitin, Cycles and Calmoseptin for his weeping rashes, but none of those have really worked. I know it’s not the best, but when it gets bad I use Desowen (a corticosteriod) around his ears and neck for a couple of days until it dries up. I am so hesitant about it since I don’t want the long-term bad effects of steroids on my little man, but it’s the only thing that dries the weeping up, and stops the itchiness. 

We’re using Cetaphil Restoraderm for his soap, although I’m not sure that really does anything. We were using the lotion too, until I read that virgin coconut oil is a very good substitute for all these lotions. It’s all-natural, pure and safe to put on his face!  I’m only on my 4th day of using it. So far, his neck is still a little red but no longer broken. His arms and legs are getting better too, but the skin on his body is still really rough and scaly though 😦

I plan on using VCO for the rest of the week to observe its effects, and hopefully there really will be an improvement. If any mamas out there read this and have your own natural remedies that have worked on your little ones, I would love to hear about it. I want all this itching to stop so that my little guy can get a full night’s sleep (and us too!) without waking up from all the itching. 


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