On Being Part of the “Late 20s” Category

When the clock struck twelve on my birthday, Niki and I were watching Argo, holding hands tightly because we didn’t know whether they were going to get past the crazy people in the market and we were feeling very tense for the 7 Americans who were trying to get out of Iran.

We stopped the movie so that Niki could sing me “Happy Birthday” and hug and kiss and laugh a little bit, then it was back to the movie and holding hands tightly. On that note, Argo is super awesome and we really loved it and good for you Ben Affleck! And then we turned off the lights, prayed together, and went to sleep.

For some reason, this year felt like the most meaningful, most significant birthday of my life so far. I was finally married to the man i love, we were starting a life together, and for the first time, i really knew how it felt to have your whole life ahead of you. They said it to us after every graduation, they say it to us when we’re in our early 20s, but it was in that quiet darkness, hearing my husband snore softly in my ear, that i really, truly felt it.

I decided that i just wanted to be with my family that day, to spend time with the people who walked me through my hardest times, and i know will walk me through so many more that will come in our lives. We had dinner in Cafe Juanita in Alabang, ate til we were uncomfortable and laughed and talked and loved.

 That restaurant has never failed me! Sinanglay, Crispy Pata, Ratatoy (seriously, that’s how it’s spelled in the menu!), Crispy Catfish Salad (ay, no photo), Chicken Pandan, garlic fried rice — super full to the brim!

After all the face-stuffing that took place, my husband pretended he left something in my parents’ car, so that they had to go and get it. A few minutes later, they come back in holding a cake and a box of desserts and a bag of gifts!

At our wedding, we had this overflowing dessert table care of Honey Dough, but i didn’t get to try any of the sweets! I was so frustrated and i think i complained about it for 2 weeks straight. So what this crazy husband of mine did was order a mini version of it, probably to shut me up hahahaha 🙂 All this sweetness filled not only my muffin top, but my heart as well.

My parents, amazing people that they are, bought Niki a motorized screwdriver set for his birthday, gave me a beautiful set of queen sized sheets, and also gave my sister a set of knickers just because. I know, right? Haha.

It was a quiet, simple day, and that’s exactly how i wanted it. Turning 28 isn’t anything significant, but what i wanted to celebrate more was the place that i now find myself in. Content but seeking, at peace with God, with myself, with all the history that i made in the last 28 years, happy and ready for life. God has blessed me so much, and i feel overflowing, and i pray that everyday of my life will be spent sharing that love and all these blessings.

Thank you to everyone who stuck around for this long, and are willing to stay for the ride 🙂


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