Home Remedies: How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

My friend, Myla Santiago, teaches me about many things. How to budget my money, how to maintain an excellent chrome pole and very recently, she told me how to remove gel nail polish. What a useful friend! Myla, you win at life.
Yes, she does.

Yes, she does.

I’m not actually big on mani-pedis. I usually only go to a nail spa when there’s an event, but otherwise, i’ll do maintenance and cleaning on my own. For the wedding, i decided to try out gel-topped nail polish. I stuck with regular Orly color, with a gel finish. Cheaper than the all-gel type, but prettier than regular polishes.
However, no one told me that you can’t just wipe it off with nail polish remover or acetone! There i was, trying to scrub the darn thing off my nails for 5 minutes with no success. Good thing Myla is a regular in nail salons, and she told me how they do it there:
  1. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover.
  2. Wrap it around the nail.
  3. Then wrap the whole toe with foil.
  4. Look a little bit like an alien.
  5. Be laughed at by your husband.
Take me to your leader.

Take me to your leader.

Walk around in your silver toes for about fifteen minutes and voila! The polish should come off when you take out your alieny toes. And that cost me close to nothing compared to going to a salon. Kuripot wife wins again! Whoo!

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