Finding the Balance

I love the sun. I love the wind, the outdoors, the elements of city life. That was confirmed today, as I cleaned and tidied up and cooked meals and washed dishes. I need to be outside, often and with other people.

Oh don’t get me wrong, I am loving this newfound purpose. I love seeing Niki’s face light up when he comes home and there’s dinner on the table, I love hearing him appreciate how clean and neat our home is, or just seeing how good a job i’ve done with overall domestic things. It’s something very new for me, and i feel it is something i can get very good at.

But stepping into this new role doesn’t mean that i’ve forgotten or shaken off my old self — which is the Kris who is in constant need of human contact, purposeful walking and the sun on her face. Being cooped up in this house all day long is going to drive me crazy! Absolutely nuts! Thank God we are leaving for our honeymoon next week, and i’m going back to teaching pole the 2nd week of February.

I’ve yet to find my groove with this whole new life i have. I am looking for that balance between Queen of the Home and Crazy Ice Cream Loving Girl. I can’t lose the latter half, because that’s the half Niki fell in love with. At the same time, i can’t neglect the first half, because that’s the one that will keep the home together. Wild. Wives and mothers are awesome people. I hope i make the lot of you proud.


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