With Bare Hands: Painting A Sunny Home

Finally, after 4 days of taping up corners and floors, laying newspapers and drop cloths, and painting, painting, painting every nook and cranny of this condo, we are finally done! Who knew that a 72 square meter home could be such a big task? I didn’t realise we had so many WALLS until we decided to take this project on.

I’m really happy with how everything turned out though. The walls used to be a pretty french blue color, but since there isn’t a lot of sunlight in here, it sometimes made the condo look a little, well, blue. So we opted for a color that would always make us feel cheery and sunny! Enter Davies Bio-Fresh in Golden Harvest.


Since i’ve yet to learn how to cook, wooden spoons must have other purposes in this home.

We decided to add a few browns as an accent. We chose a color called Vintage Brown, which turned out a little lighter than we expected. But i don’t really mind, because now our door now looks like a yummy chocolate bar! Chocolate is never, ever a bad thing 😉

I want to eat my door.

I want to eat my door.

But since we got too lazy to put a primer, we had such a hard time making the blue color go away! On some walls we had to put four coats of paint. My fingers are so seriously fatigued right now. Moral of the story? Hire someone to do it for you. HAHA just kidding. Never be lazy! Go through all the right steps, because it’ll make things easier for you in the long run.

Or, you know, get your little sister to do it. He he.

Or, you know, get your little sister to do it. He he.

Now this is what i wake up to everyday, and what Niki comes home to every night. It really makes me smile every time!



We both really like lotion. Really.


It’s really nice to wake up to this one too.

Our bed also finally arrived! YAHOO! I’ve been rolling around in it and it feels wonderful to have all that space, after more than a week of sharing a twin bed. No bed frame yet, we haven’t really found anything we like (that we can afford! Haha!). Thank you to everyone who bought us pillows and awesome sheets! You are helping us build a wonderful home 🙂

Cuddle zone!

Looking at this photo makes me sleepy.

To everyone about to get married or plan on getting married someday — i highly recommend taking on home-building together. Buy your furniture together, fight over what curtains to get, hold hands while choosing the right paint color. Whatever it is, find something that will make your home feel like YOUR home, something both of you invested in beyond the money aspect. It’ll teach you how to compromise, how to think for two, and how to resolve conflicts in a mature way (and maybe with a kiss or two).


Is that paint on his face, or cheese??

Happy home building everyone!


6 thoughts on “With Bare Hands: Painting A Sunny Home

  1. Lee Isaac says:

    Am so proud and happy for both of you, Kris and Niki! You are building on the right foundations for a lasting relationship: by doing things together, by NOT choosing the easier, less challenging route. This way you create life-time experiences that will define the shape of your life together. And if together the difficult jobs become fun, imagine what the easier ones will be like…pure bliss! I was very much tempted to send you the power spray painter to make it easier for you guys, but then where’s the fun in that? Your sister would not have enjoyed it as much, either. Love you guys!!

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