This Home, So Far


A lovely gift from our friend, Crista 🙂

It’s been a flurry of activity since the wedding. We’ve been spending the past few days moving our things, organizing our gifts, buying essentials for our little condo, and we even squeezed in a hosting stint for our friend’s wedding two days after our own! Non-stop action, I tell you!


We love you Pao and Ella!

It doesn’t help that we’ve both been bothered by clogged noses and scratchy throats the whole time. I have not been able to taste my food the past few days! That’s been the most frustrating thing. The clogged nose has saved me from my husband’s stinky farts though, so that one I don’t mind so much HAHA.

It’s a good thing that we’ve got almost all of the essentials in the house already. We bought a queen-sized bed, which will arrive in a week’s time. I can’t wait for it to come because we’ve been squeezing into my tiny single bed.


It takes talent and skill to be able to fit into that.

At least we have no choice but to cuddle ourselves to sleep! Also, waking up to each other’s morning breath is a test of true love. So far, he hasn’t complained. Hahaha. This is the reality of married life folks! Literally, magkakaalaman na kayo ng baho.

We’ve been hunting for the perfect couch for a long time now, and we finally found one that fit our budget in Mandaue Foam. That place is a gold mine! We were able to catch the last day of their super sale, so we got the bed and couch for a great price. They’ve got a great selection too. However, be ready for chaos! You have to put your game face on and be ready to elbow your way through throngs of crazy customers. Our couch will be ready in a month’s time! Hopefully in time for our birthdays so we can have friends over, and they won’t have to sit on a banig on the floor.

The kitchen is ready for Niki’s mad cooking skills too.


We couldn’t find a nice two burner stove, so we opted for 2 nice single burners. Haha.

Not complete yet, but enough for some breakfast wonders. We found a nice table in Ace Hardware for our induction stove, which we found in SM department store. They have a sale until the end of January for Our Home, so you guys better take advantage!

Next big purchase will be the closets. We’ve been living out of boxes and luggage, and we’re getting pretty tired of wrinkled clothes.


The curtains don’t match the walls cos we’re going to repaint it! Don’t judge! Haha.

SM has a pretty good selection for affordable prices. We have yet to find the perfect ones though! We’re also on the lookout for drawers and tables for the little things. You know girls and our little things!


Look at me and Niki, fighting for what little space we have on this lone study table. Guess which side is mine. Haha.

That’s it, so far. I can’t wait until we have a place to put all our stuff in, and this condo looks like a real house and not a big bodega.


Yikes! Tornado central.

Soon we can have all you great people over for a fine cup of coffee and some great conversation 🙂



4 thoughts on “This Home, So Far

  1. Hogi says:

    Haha, I love the part na magkakaalaman ng baho. Yes, a test of true love indeed. I miss you, Kris! Once you’ve pretty much settled into married life, hope we can hang out na. =)

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