Bride Can’t Sleep, Bride Will Write

Tonight i met with my friends to rehearse the music for the ceremony. Mako, a very old friend and a fantastic musician, will be on guitar. Doki, an amazing vocalist whom i met during my radio days, will be singing.


I was a DJ for UR 105.9 for four years. This is where Niki and i fell in love. NAKANAMBOOGIE!

How fantastic to have friends who are amazingly talented! I wanted to jump for joy when i heard them, because they sounded so beautiful. It made the week and a half before the Big Day even more excruciating. I want it to be January 3 already!! I want to walk down the aisle and look at Niki and hold his hand and say “YES I DO! BONGGA!”

Southern Sun

Don’t worry, i’ll be wearing shoes to the wedding. Well, mostly.

Okay. Don’t get me wrong. There are moments when i feel overwhelmed by the idea of being someone’s WIFE FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE. My last name will no longer be Isaac. I’m going to be Mrs. Flojo! Kris Flojo. Kristine Marie Isaac Flojo. Kris Isaac Flojo. Weeeeiiiirrrdddd!

But then i see Niki’s face in my head, and remember how loving, and kind and funny he is. How he sings to me when i’m feeling sad, how we can both laugh at the weirdest things. How we know what the other is thinking with just one exchange of a knowing look. Just to save for this wedding, he would take a bus to and from work, pack lunch from home, and say no to many social gatherings. Para lang mapakasalan niya ako!


See? He’s so wonderful that even my cousin tried to steal him from me. But it didn’t work because my voice is still huskier, just the way Niki likes it.

To all the brides out there — don’t panic! It’s perfectly normal to go through all sorts of internal reviews and reflections. Tama lang yan! Ask all the questions you need to ask, so that when you walk down that aisle and take your man’s hand there will be NO DOUBT in your heart and mind that you are exactly where you’re supposed to be. Niki and I have made it a point to lay our hearts out on the table and tell each other every single dirty detail of every single secret, big or small.

It was tough, boy oh boy, was it tough! But after going through the fire together, we came out still holding hands, still wanting each other, still in love. And that kind of trial changes your relationship for the bestest!

A Walk In the Park

Grabe ha! Ang dami ko ng good things na sinabi! Please make the check payable to “Kris FunBuns Isaac”

Anyway, i’m really just rambling. I should be sleeping but my head is full of things and my heart is jumping around in my chest like a toddler on a sugar high. Hay! To give ourselves a break from all the sentiness, here’s a picture of one of my lovely bridesmaids:


She’s tampururot because she wants you to buy me pretty, shiny things. How can you resist that beauty?

Also, here’s a dog dressed like Harry Potter:


KAMOTE! I want to buy him a little broom that he can fly around on!

I’m going to try and go to sleep now. My makeup artist will kill me if i show up on the Big Day with eyebags the size of my pwet. Can you imagine? Pwet on my face? Please, don’t imagine that. Say goodnight to Harry Potter Dog now!


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