{They Say} Good Things Come In Threes

My arms feel like noodles, my legs look like poodles. I’m rhyming and it’s not so charming. Okay i’m going to stop.

Seriously though. This pole dancer is battered, bruised and aching from every nook and cranny. It’s like my body suddenly decided to feel all the fatigue from the past few months.

But I have never felt prouder of the Polecats than I did last night. They poured out every single bit of themselves into their numbers. We all did. And i am really happy that everyone saw that.

Not everyone started out with a background in anything dance. Most of us did all our dancing in our bedrooms and while listening to the Spice Girls, probably in our underwear. Or maybe even without.

But none of us let that get in the way, and i think that’s what i feel proudest of the most. That we didn’t let our lack of experience or fear of looking like fools get in the way of anything. We went out there, and by good golly wow we tried our very best, our hardest.

I used to always envy Ballroom dancers for their grace, form and their strength. I tried it once, and i never tried again because i was told i wasn’t exactly built for it. But last night, i danced the Paso Doble in front of 200 people and i don’t care if i didn’t do it perfectly, i don’t care that maybe my form wasn’t exact. I went out there and gave it all i could, and i walked off the stage knowing that, and it made me happy.

My Choreographer, Mean Yabut and I, dancing to Cell Block Tango.
Photo by Stanley Ong

Photo by Gerry Baclagon





(it also helped that my fiance came to meet me backstage right after, looking like the proudest man in the world.)

During the curtain call, i looked out into the crowd and saw the faces of our students, cheering us on. It made me want to go out there and hug them one by one and thank them for always being so kind.

And then i looked to my right, and saw the rest of Polecats Manila, all tired and bruised and aching, yet beaming so brightly. They looked so beautiful last night, allowing themselves to be vulnerable by showing everyone the kind of performer they were (or want to be). I don’t know how i found myself here, but i’m glad God decided to point me in this direction. I know i’m right where i need to be.

They say that good things come in threes. Well, if the last three years is any indication, then next years to come are going to unbelievably amazing.

Happy birthday to us, Polecats Manila! I love you forever and a day 🙂
Photo by Stanley Ong


4 thoughts on “{They Say} Good Things Come In Threes

  1. Hogi says:

    I cannot congratulate you enough for an awesome performance, Kris! Even though I’m just a recent student in ballroom (with no previous dance background), I’ve watched so many dancers and I can tell you that you pulled off a really impressive fusion of pole and paso doble. You have your own unique grace, form and strength, and I envy you for that. Great job, and more power to you and the rest of Polecats Manila! =) Hope we can hang out sometime and catch up amidst your busy schedule.

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