“So, Are You Turning Into Bridezilla?”

Day Three of The One seminar, and Niki and I are closer than ever.

Us in 2010
Photo by Gabby Cantero

We committed to eight Sundays, two hours each, for The One seminar. This isn’t only a preparation for marriage, it’s a deep, clear-cut look at yourself as an individual, and what you’re bringing into the relationship.

Us in 2009, Photo by Kaity Chua

It’s been an extremely difficult and yet amazing past three weeks, as we’ve been given opportunities to really open up to each other. And it’s amazing just how many revelations have been given to both of us! God is slowly showing me the kind of man i’m taking as a husband – kind, intelligent, strong and full of integrity. I mean, i already knew that i was marrying a great guy, but i didn’t know he still had so much to him and i simply didn’t know how to explore it. I find myself looking at him and feeling sorry for all the other girls who didn’t get to see what i see now – and thankful that they didn’t. Ha!

Us being normal in 2010. Photo by Nikki Isaac.

On the other hand, i’ve also been taking a long, hard look at myself. It’s not easy seeing all the flaws, all the lack and insecurities. But the best reward – after accepting all of those imperfections – is the abundance of forgiveness. Oh such forgiveness! I don’t think i could ever describe the feeling of freedom that forgiveness gives. Forgiving myself is the hardest part, but i’m choosing it every single day. In the process, i’m learning just how beautiful God made me. I’m not an accident or a random occurrence. I was created with purpose, every fibre linked and weaved together lovingly. Amazing grace, indeed.

Some random photo on my phone. Hahaha.

This preparation for marriage has made preparing for the wedding so much easier. I find it unnecessary to stress about just one day when you’ve got a whole lifetime together to look forward to!

It’s a little ridiculous when people assume i’m going to turn into some kind of bridezilla… if they only knew the bigger things that niki and i have had to deal with. Trust me – choosing a caterer or designer is peanuts in comparison to laying your heart out on the table.

When people ask me “so, are you turning into a bridezilla?”, i automatically take them off the guest list. HAHA. Just kidding.

I simply don’t find it necessary to reply. I’ll just sit back, relax, and let our lives do the talking. And i am faithful that no matter what, it’s going to be a celebration that we will remember lovingly for the rest of our lives 🙂


6 thoughts on ““So, Are You Turning Into Bridezilla?”

  1. Aunt Deb says:

    Kris, your Uncle Gary and I did something similar to the seminar you are doing with Niki right now and it was a blessing! i makes you think deep and hard about your future together and answer some tough questions that you and Niki would probably not have personally asked each other by yourselves. Like you said, it makes you see your future spouse in a different light and makes you realize indeed what a great person they are. You are both lucky to have each other. God bless your forthcoming union.

    • Miss Kris Isaac says:

      Thank you so much auntie deb! The tough questions are the best ones nga! Although it’s hard while we’re discussing them, the outcome is amazing. God is really doing to many great things, and we’re so excited! Also, the next time i see you, i’m going to be married na. How weird is that haha 🙂

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