“Honey, I Love You, but If You Call Our Wedding A Party One More Time…”

Chandler and Monica are one of my most favorite couples of all history. They are SO weird that it works. My joke about owning a wedding clear book with all of the plans came from Monica (of course), who actually did have a binder filled with her insanely organized dream wedding.

I’ve been watching the episodes of their engagement and the wedding plans, and yes i cry every single time Chandler walks into that room to find Monica standing there. Every. Single. Time. Anyway, they go through several issues that Niki and I can totally relate to, and the humor they attach to it makes it easier to handle.

But it made me realize that although i had been dreaming of the proposal for a while, i never really imagined what my dream wedding would be. I am seriously more ready for the marriage than i am for the wedding!

I mean, there are all these color combinations to choose from-

I mean, Ruby Red and Gray? Who knew that’d be such a great partnership? All these inspiration boards were taken from The Perfect Palette, which is SUCH A GREAT SITE! You can browse tons of existing palettes or request one of your own. Super helpful, not just for weddings but you know, for life in general. Haha. I now know what i’m going to paint my condo when we move in 🙂 Yes, that i know but wedding motif? Haven’t the foggiest.

Then there’s the matter of ring designs, wedding decor, invitation gimmicks, and of course, my dress. I’ve saved a million photos of designs but my mind is still filled with all of these options. The only thing i’m sure of is that ELIE SAAB IS MY HERO.

This man can make all of my couture dreams come true. Dear God, please let me cross paths with him one day. Just so i can shake his hand and thank him for filling my head with so much beauty.

ANYWAY. I’m rambling. I apologize for all this wedding talk – i’m just going t a little insane because we still haven’t pinned down a venue. We’re off to check out another one today, just to compare it with this Tagaytay venue that we’re pining for. It’s just that out-of-town things are so expensive 😦

I hope that this week we can finalize a place and a date so that we can move on. Cross your fingers for us! We just want a place big enough for all our loved ones, but small enough so that it can still feel intimate 🙂


3 thoughts on ““Honey, I Love You, but If You Call Our Wedding A Party One More Time…”

  1. Gorgass says:

    Gorgeeepoo, I still owe you some songs 🙂 (I’m racking my brain because I don’t want to give you any angry/depressing songs). I am confident you’ll make all of the right choices- will keep praying for you and Niki! The dresses are absolutely gorgeous but is that a visible nipple on the girl on the left?

    • Miss Kris Isaac says:

      Hahahaha! So much of my angsty music love came from you, you know that? 🙂 I’ve an idea for a bridal march, i’ll tell you about it soon! Thank you for the continuous prayer, as we need a lot of it. And yes, i think that a nipple 😀

  2. gorgass says:

    eeeeeeee what’s the bridal march? Is it going to be the type where the bridal party dances inside? When are you free to skype?bat ang daming tanong

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