A Love Affair With The City

A friend recently told me that upon observation, one can come to the conclusion that i am an urban girl through and through. My initial reaction was of defensiveness, since i’ve always taken great pride in my love for nature. My most peaceful moments take place beside a body of water or while taking a walk in the woods. Joke, wala namang woods dito. Taking a walk in the park then. Haha.

But on a recent late-night drive home, i realized that this was true. That there really is something about the grime and grit of the city that i find so…charming. Most especially at night! Oh i do love the city at night.

I love its garish neon lights, its pounding music, all these people moving and leaving and going. The noise and the sound of people always looking for something to celebrate, or get away from. The stories that take place over coffee and cigarettes, the secrets people spill over a glass of wine. The clink of bottles and the cheers of friends. Or the lovers that meet and kiss under lampposts.

And then there is this electricity that comes from the 3am haze. You’re stumbling out from one event and you don’t know where you’re going next but it’s okay, because there is that buzz in that air, this electric excitement. That feeling that tonight, the universe revolves around us. We can run to places and meet new people and experience whatever it is we can experience. It’s something i’ve only felt in the city, amidst other city folk, lost and confused about where they’re going next but trying to get there anyway.

So i guess i really am a city girl, with a really big love for the ocean. I’m finally admitting to myself that i’m not Survivor Philippines material (but i’m not giving up on Amazing Race just yet). And that’s cool, that’s okay, the city has a different kind of wildlife in itself anyway. I guess it’s more than enough that i survive this one.


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