And All of A Sudden, Valentine’s Day

I’ve never really been big on Valentine’s Day. I have nothing against those who want to celebrate it, mind you. Go ahead! Give love! Spread it! Be cheesy! PDA is allowed! But on a personal level, i just never really got into it.

When Niki and I were starting out, we were both working for UR 105.9 and were in charge of the events. We had to put one up every Vday, so we never had the chance to celebrate it.

This is why when he told me he wanted to cook for me on V-night, i was pretty surprised. Of course, i’m not one to ever say no to free food, so a big, resounding YES PLEASE was my reply.

I had to teach two pole classes in Makati that night, and i was pretty beat from the traffic caused by crazy lovers trying to make it to their reservations. As i walked up the three flights of stairs to my condo, i wanted nothing more than to kick back and scarf down whatever Niki cooked. But i surely wasn’t expecting this:

A proper table set-up! What is this sorcery!

The man had actually set the table! And had candle-light to set the mood! And he even put together a playlist of all the songs that he felt were our songs. Being both ex-DJs, music is such a huge part of our relationship. When we can’t seem to find the right words to say, we’ll find a song for it instead.

Walking into my condo and seeing that, hearing our songs and smelling something wonderfully curry-like made me want to bawl like a baby. But instead, i gave him a huge ass bearhug and took pictures instead.

He complained that my kitchen isn't cook friendly. That's because the microwave is my best friend.

Spinach dip and chips for appetizers!

Chicken curry pasta with wheat noodles for the main course!

He made sure that our meal was still belly-friendly, haha. He used light ingredients that won’t make me feel like i’m a whale while rehearsing for pole. How wonderful to have a boyfriend who understands that! 😀

And then we capped it all off with some nice white wine.

I really wasn’t expecting anything at all, and it made his sweet, simple gesture all the more wonderful. I couldn’t wipe my silly grin off my face.

He’s one of the reasons why i believe God answers prayers. And i guess that’s what Valentine’s Day is for – a yearly reminder that when you love someone, you love them right. I hope i get to do just that, the way he does, every single day.


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