Just Let It Take You

Goodnight, goodnight. Parting is such sweet sorrow.


There is so much i really do need to write about! Merde! A four-day trip to Singapore with my best friends cannot go un-blogged!

But for now i am preoccupied with moving to our cotton candy house, to start anew. Hopefully. There are things that are broken that need to be fixed and unusable things that need to be thrown away. The meticulous process of discerning what’s what is making my head and my proverbial heart hurt.

So here i am in my old room, bidding it adieu. It looks small without all my things messing it up. All that’s left are empty shelves and an x-ray of my perfectly healthy lungs.

My birthday is coming very soon, and i hope to be in a celebratory mood. Everybody should be celebrated. Every birthday should be a feast. It’s only once a year, so better make it count.


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