The Korean Connection

"The game is on, Watson old boy!"

What better way to welcome some foreign friends than by shoving them into a harness and pushing them down a zip line?

The Parks are lovely family friends who came to visit the country a couple of weeks ago, and we were given the task of taking them around for a day. Suyoung, the younger sister, said that they rented a jeep so that they could ride it around Alabang. She fell in love and wanted to take it home. Her next mission was a tricycle ride. Upon hearing this, I decided scaring them would be the only way to top those experiences. So, zip line in Tagaytay it was! Haha.

But don’t worry! Before that, we fed them some good ol’ Pinoy food first, at Antonio’s Grill. Bulalo was a big hit with the lovely ladies!

Meet the adorable Suyoung Park and Erin Park! I love adventurous girls, i really do.

The weather was absolutely wonderful! It was chilly and windy – just the way i like it. But my sister wasn’t all that happy about it though, as you can see:

After the zip line, we checked out this little tiangge in the picnic grove area and i found this adorable hat that i was on the verge of buying:

But my sister came up from behind me and said, “Wow, how very hipster of you.” Well, i didn’t want anyone else to be calling me hipster so i ended up with this, instead:

Now i can’t wait to go to the beach just so i have an excuse to wear it. Would you like to borrow it? Because sharing is love.

After a little shopping we took the girls to Rowena’s for a few fruit pies and some nutty delicacies.

Food must always, always be in the itinerary! Nomnomnoommm. After that, it was a quiet trip home because we were all pooped from fighting to stay vertical in the wind. I just love Tagaytay weather in January! Must go back soon before the sweltering heat beats down on us city folk.


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