This Body Clock Needs to Be Reset

Yesterday morning, I set my alarm at 5 am because i had a 6 am call time for a pole video shoot. But somehow, my body decides to wake up at 4:47 am, and i spend the next 13 minutes trying to hold on those last sweet moments of sleep. But all was in vain, because my brain was wide awake and rest was no more.

So i took a quick shower, jumped into my car and raced to Gen Studios where the video was going to be shot. I am SO excited to see the final product! It might be released during the first week of feb, so watch out for that! It’s called Femme, Form, Function, and it features different women doing the things that they love 🙂  Amaya and i will be in the second episode, performing our Lady Grimm number.

After five different runs and what felt like muscles being torn into teeny weenie pieces, we decided to reward ourself with some McDonald’s breakfast! Terrible for the waistline, i know, but good for the proverbial heart 😀

Maui, Marlo, Chris and Lau - Bros, Crew, Pets. They like to feel each other's abs.

Amaya had a fever, but since she is Amaya, she went on and did five runs anyway. And she still looked fabulous 🙂

Most people sleep when they have a fever. Amaya lifts women while on a spinning pole. Five runs in a row. Yes.

The video is supposed to look soft and sensuous and hazy, like how i look every morning. If by “soft and sensuous” you mean “messy and tangled” and “shrek-like”. Hahaha.

In other news, i seem to have this darn song stuck in my head. It’s been a few days but i can’t get it out!!!! I don’t condone the message, i don’t believe you need to call your girlfriend and have that talk, but YOOOOOUUUU, JUST MET SOMEBODY NEEEEEEWWWWWW.

CRAP! I will never get this song out of my head i swear. It’s just. so. catchy. SING IT WITH ME!


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