Painting Like A Baws

How does a pole dancer paint a room?

Why, with pointed toes of course!

Seeing as i am only five feet tall, certain parts of the room were much too high for my not-so-long-legged self. As i tip toed to reach them, my other foot could not help but point its toes. Because in another life, i could have been a ballerina. Albeit a very macho ballerina, but a ballerina nonetheless.

The room is pretty much done, thanks to my ever-so-helpful boyfriend, le wild niki flojo.

He looks good in pink, don't you think?

All i need to do is paint the accents white, and voila! A new sanctuary for myself, specially made for days when i’ve had enough of the world and its crazy people with their crazy ways.

It’s quite amazing how quickly i was able to finish the room, despite breaking the paint roller.

I don’t even know how i did that. My sister says i have intensity issues, and i really need to relax, haha. Ever since i started training for pole more intensively, i have been breaking things without meaning to. One time, i broke the bathroom door of our office — while my boss was inside, taking a leak. Fantastic.

Anyway, i’m excited to fill this room up, put up all the photos of my misbehaving friends and create a hole i can disappear to. In a couple of weeks’ time, i’m going to have a brand new home, sweet home.

Before i go, here is a picture of a tired and sweaty niki, who must be rewarded with Shakey’s mojos. But wait! Since he is on a diet, it looks like i’ll have to be the one to eat it all! Eat ALL the mojos! Best. Relationship. Ever.


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