How Ely Bendia Made My Day

I’m a simple girl with simple needs. Small things make me happy, like ice cream breaks, bubbles, walking barefoot and Ely Buendia tweeting the link of the video of our performance to their song, “Disconnection Notice” (originally performed by his band, Pupil).

[Edit] Our road manager posted this Twitter conversation between Ely Buendia and Erwin Romulo. Erwin is a good friend of our founder, CD, and he refuses to watch us because he feels it will taint his friendship with her. Hahahahahaha.

Here’s the video:

This was last October, for the celebration of the Polecats Manila 2nd year anniversary event, “Polarity”. We performed ten numbers with the Manila Symphony Orchestra and had some of our friends from Parkour Philippines join us too. Chino David, conductor extraordinaire, rearranged original Pinoy music for us. It was an incredible night, and it definitely helped us get a lot of media mileage. Our fight to change the way people see pole dancing continues 🙂

Speaking of media mileage! My friend was recently the victim of theft, where her less-than-a-year-old macbook pro got stolen from right under her nose. These guys work fast, and look like regular yuppies. So deceiving! Sheep in wolves’ clothing, as my pastor said.

Anyway, she posted the CCTV video of the theft taking place, and a bunch of us shared it on Facebook too. Today, it was covered by GMA news! Can you believe it? I hope those little bastards get shaken up and think twice about doing this again. And i hope someone with information sees it and reports them. At the very least, a lot of us are now are reminded that we can never be too careful.

[EDIT] I just found out that our head choreographer for Polarity, Mara Andres, just got nominated for POLE CHOREOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR by the International Pole Dance Fitness Association! YAY! 🙂


8 thoughts on “How Ely Bendia Made My Day

  1. Hilary says:

    Yahoo! Being tweeted/retweeted by a living legend and musical icon! You have arrived!! So proud of you kris! You’re so good at that! So good you don’t slip off the pole even with unshaven legs! We really ARE cousins! Hahaha!! I’m gutted I didn’t get to watch that night. Anyhoo bring ur pole over and teach me and Jan!!!

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