Our New House Is Made of Cotton Candy

I think Frau Totenkinder just might live here. Hansel and Gretel, beware.

Moving has always been a big part of my life. We hauled out of Cebu when I was around 7 years old, and have been moving from one house to another since then. I can remember at least 8 times that we’ve moved. 

Sometimes it’s because of boredom, most times out of necessity. I’ve also lived in 5 different condos, since 2005. And i’m thinking, maybe this is why i have gotten so good at not getting attached to places, because i’ll always feel like changing the scenery, sooner or later.

And at the end of the month, we’re moving again. This time it’s because this current home has just gotten too old, and too big for just my parents. And we’ve decided to move into A HOUSE MADE OF COTTON CANDY (see above). It’s insane!!!! Everytime i see it, i reach into my bag for a mint. It just tickles at my constant need for sugar.

We’re still thinking of what new color scheme to change it to. And we really need to change it, because i don’t know how i’ll go to sleep knowing ants just might be crawling all over the house at that very moment.

Anyway, the house is smaller, but it’s cozy and just right for my parents, i guess. I just hate the packing up part. And the unpacking part. you’d think i’d be used to it by now, but no. You always uncover some thing that you’ve tried to tuck away into the abyss of your mind, like a song or a letter or a photo.

If there’s one thing i’m going to miss about this old rickety house, it’s being able to have conversations with my sister through the thin walls. We’re lazy that way. and loud. Haha.

At least we’ve got another chance to make another house a home. And who knows, maybe this time, we’ll stay.


5 thoughts on “Our New House Is Made of Cotton Candy

  1. hilaryisaac says:

    Where are you moving to??? Please tell me it’s somewhere closer to us!!! Yes!!! Hhaha! Following you now love. Follow back so we can keep in touch!:) xx

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