Upon Moving, A Rediscovery

And so there I was, sifting through unmarked DVDs, melancholy college music playlists and other odd compilations when i finally pulled out the one and only copy I have of my short film; a Verbatim DVD-R crudely stuffed into a paper sleeve, with the title scribbled on front: Unang Koro. 

The day we shot that film was one of the most amazing days of my life, and whenever i look back on it i am always filled with such pride. Our class for Marilou Diaz-Abaya ran amok for a month, working for each other’s films, cleaning each other’s scripts, acting, managing, assisting, driving and running for each other. It was exhausting and so incredibly fulfilling. We barely slept, and yet i remember feeling very alive.

As i popped the DVD into the player, i plopped myself on the couch beside my dad (who plays the father in the film). For some reason, i was nervous about watching it again. I felt like i was going to hate it, that i was going to wish i had done some things differently, that i was going to feel embarrassed that i had produced such a thing.

But halfway through it, i once again realized just how FANTASTIC the teamwork behind this film was. Dan’s lighting was amazing, Maui’s editing and coloring was perfect, my actors gave me exactly what i wanted, Pat’s original score tied it all in. Everyone who helped out even just a teeny tiny bit helped create this film. And that is how i know that i could never, ever be embarrassed by it, no matter how dated or cliche it may get at some time in life. Prod Madnezz, even if my stay with them was a short-lived one, will always be one of the most amazing experiences of my life. Ever.

So here’s the film. I hope that you feel all the love that went into it 🙂 Ablablap!

“Unang Koro”


Director and Script Writer: Kris Isaac
Assistant Director: Kaity Chua
Director of Photography: Dan Villegas
Production Manager: Anna Go
Editing and Coloring: Maui Mauricio
Production Design: J Ann Gauzon
Art Department: Mackie Galvez
Script Continuity: Mihk Vergara
Continuity Manager: King Palisoc
Stylist: Tetz Salvador
Production Assistants: Marco Ortiga, King Palisoc, Adi Lopez, Miguel Sevilla

Original Score: Pat Tirano

Jonas – AJ Constantino
Mang Obet – Lee Isaac
Young Jonas – Ray de Erit
Mario – Mihk Vergara
Luis Medina – Luis


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