The James Jean Experience


A backdrop of Jean's work for the signing at Fully Booked, BHS

Niki and I have been reading, following and collecting the Fables comic series since my good friend, Omu, forced me to read the first few volumes. I didn’t like Volume 1 so much, and I almost didn’t continue with it. But i kept on reading anyway, after deciding i wanted to know what the Big Bad Wolf had to do with the fair Snow White.

Basically, Volume 3 is the point of no return. After that, there really is no turning back and you will need to know how this whole mess of fabled characters will get themselves out of their messy troubles.

As our fellow James Jean fan, Ramon De Veyra, said to us earlier, it’s one of the very few series that starts out bland and lacking but gets better and better as it goes along.


Le Ramon De Veyra, writer, art lover, adorable geek!

So when le lovely Vicky told us that James Jean was going to be in town for a signing, Niki and I jumped at the chance to meet this amazingly talented visual artist. He did many of the Fables original covers, has several other books under his belt, with Rebus being his latest work and the reason for his travels here.

We hopped on over to Fully Booked and got our numbers, me 69 and Niki 73! We had to wait 3 and a half hours because James Jean is quite the generous one! He not only signed on people’s books (we could have 4 books signed, at most), but he also DREW on them! Ang saya niya lang. Di naman mashado athletic yung hands niya. Pang Olympics ang level ng signing na ito, haha.


He’s a super nice guy, very accommodating and even when he got really tired he still had the energy to give firm handshakes and big smiles to every fan 🙂  I just love that about a man.

Now, to find out how we can fully cover and protect our books and to save up for my very own copy of Rebus! Moneyz, come to mama!


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