Vampire Weekend

And no, i don’t mean the band. I mean this:

Kayleen and I represented the Polecats for last weekend’s 100 Bachelors: The Perfect Ladies’ Night Out. We had a very small part, but it was a ton of fun! We were part of the opening number, wherein we poled for (literally) a minute and then we walked out of the stage and drove home looking like vampires. Kayleen’s transformation was awesome. From this:

to this:


The 100 bachelors definitely made the day interesting. Imagine spending almost ten hours surrounded by half naked, very well built men who suddenly fall to do push ups or ab exercises whilst conversing with you. It got so intense that we had to move our stuff from the dressing room, since they had transformed it into a gym. Seriously. They brought weights and all sorts of work-out gadgetry and there were no idle moments. Kayleen and I weren’t too keen on hanging out in a room that smelled like Man-Musk.

Especially Workout Man-Musk.


The venue was in SMX and it was HUGE. Half of the room was for the stage and the audience, and the other half was filled with cocktail tables where the ladies (and gents) could mingle and get to know the bachelors a little better.

Unfortunately, we didn’t stay long enough to catch the mingling part. Although i wanted to, i felt that if i heard another sentence about abs, working out and abs, i would have imploded. Or spontaneously combusted.

This is Kayleen and I with Geraldine, who took fantastic care of us throughout rehearsals and the event. Such a fantastic, funny lady! We must buy her something. Perhaps a motherload of fattening chips? I’m sure she’s still recovering from all the machismo that we were surrounded by. haha.

Then again, we just gave her the gift of immortality. Perhaps that is enough? Har.

So that was last weekend! Just another normal day in the life of the Polecats.

This weekend’s going to be another crazy one – A pole gig tonight in Shang Ri La Makati, A photoshoot tomorrow morning, and then Niki and I are hosting an event tomorrow night. Oh boy. Time for some Clusivol!


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