Ladies and Gents, Meet My Pole, Holly Golightly!

She can stand up to 9 feet high, towering over the average man, glinting in the sunlight in all her golden glory. Her slim, sleek body begs to be touched, grabbed, gripped, asking you to defy gravity.

She, my dear friends, is my very own X-POLE! She arrived FINALLY last Friday, and we met for the first time on Saturday afternoon. Such a glorious meeting it was!

I ripped that box open like it was Christmas day!

Even Niki was excited to see it all set up:

Finally, after a little bit of head scratching and a lot of grunting, we finally got Holly all set up. As you can see, i was quite glad. She’s named after Audrey Hepburn’s incredibly lithe and lovely character in Breakfast At Tifanny’s. I just love lovely things, do you see?

It was so exciting, even my then-unbathed father took to the pole for a lift or two:

Ah yes, Pole dancing, bringing families together since 2010.

My goal is to be good enough to compete internationally by this time next year. i don’t even care about winning, i just want to be able to say that i was good enough to get in. Exciting things ahead!

Up next: Jazz Funk dance lessons. Lord give me strength.


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