Funny People

For a few months now, i’ve been a teacher for Tutoring Club, helping the kiddies out with their English, Writing, Reading and unbelievably, Math. We get all sorts of kids over there, from different kinds of cultures and walks of life. Seo Jeung over here is one of the more timid ones, incredibly sweet and smart, she makes a fantastic student.

And one of the greatest things about kids is the fact that they can laugh at themselves and often, when they laugh at you, it’s without malice. They just think what happened to you was incredibly funny.

One time, after much running  around, i finally got one of my 6-year-old students to sit down and pay attention. After giving him stern instructions to sit still and answer his worksheet, he slams a fist onto the table, and with wide eyes he shouts “I’M GONNA COOK THIS BABY!”. What?! Where the heck did he pick that up?! I laughed for about five minutes, and his chubby bewildered face stared at me, wondering why this crazy lady is breaking down.

I hope i never stop seeing the world as wonderfully as kids do. I hope i never stop laughing at myself, and finding reasons to laugh at whatever the world is going to bring my way. These kids may be learning fractions and grammar from me, but i’m learning things that are way more valuable from these small, weird, funny people. *cheese


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