Flip, Grip, Invert!

I have always wanted to be a dancer. Ever since i was little, i would be found in some corner, bumpin’ and pumpin’ to the beat, just dancing my heart out, complete with jazz hands.

Dancing would be my answer to a lot of things — frustration, stress, depression, confusion, happiness, ecstasy. Whatever the emotion, i would lock myself in my room, turn down the lights, turn up the volume and shake shake shake it all off. Films about dance and performance would make my heart soar, and give this relentless need to get up there and join them in flawless unison.

Unfortunately, we couldn’t afford dance lessons when i was younger, and when we finally could i already felt too old, too hard. So i stuck to anything athletic – football, wall climbing, tae kwon do, this and that. but the desire to dance never left me, and i never thought i’d be able to mix both my manliness with my love for movement.  Up until my friend and Polecats founder, Christina Dy, peer pressured me into taking her pole dancing class.

The interest has transformed into love into obsession into something that i don’t think i can give up, ever. And i hope and pray that i will never ever ever have to.

Last August 20, at Brigada’s 5th Anniversary celebration. Wee!

margaret and her killer split moves!

me and my pointing toes! Whose hands are trying to catch me?? haha!

Donna and her bendy back

Amazing Amaya can lift herself, and you… at the same time.

Kayleen – Our baby who is now a lady! haha!

Myla and her fantastic form

AJ – the TomCat!

There were a batrillion people there, and the sweat made it difficult to hold on to the pole, but! it was awesome anyway 🙂

Thank you again to our (incomplete) Police who make sure the stage and pole are secure, that we’re safe and fantastic. So much love to go around!

We weren’t complete that night though! Hopefully we’ll have a gig soon where all of us will be present. More more more to come! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Flip, Grip, Invert!

  1. Mei says:

    Hi Ms Kris,

    Nice blog! Saw your link in the FB page of PoleCats. I blogged about Ms. Ciara a couple of weeks ago and then Myla came across it and she pointed me to the PoleCats’ site. You are all great dancers. Congrats! Nice writing, too.

    Happy dancing and blogging!

    My blog about Ciara & pole-dancing: meilbox(dot)asyanna(dot)com/?p=509

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