Cool Cats

I belong to a pole dancing group called Polecats, and we are the only organized pole dancing group in the country, dead set on changing people’s mindset about the dance form. It’s been less than a year and already we’ve been given so many wonderful opportunities to perform at interesting venues. Last July we were invited to join the Wifi Body Festival held in CCP, and we thought nothing could quite top that experience for a while.

Boy was i wrong, and boy am i glad i was!

Tessa Prieto-Valdes held a party for the cast of Cats and she invited Polecats to perform and teach a few basic tricks at the party! How does one say “no” to that? One does not, that’s how!

Tessa, being her fantastic self!

TJohn O’ Hara says a few kind words.

Margaret and her deadly split. This trick is called Jade.

Here’s AJ, our first TomCat, doing the Flag.

Polecats Kayleen, Myla, AJ and Margaret pose a little with John O’ Hara and Lea Salonga. Holy Crap.

As expected, them theater folks were fantastic students. Trained dancers are already so strong that most of the tricks they get on the first try! And they’re so freaking flexible! And they have absolutely no hesitation when it comes to trying things. Bruises? Bumps? Bollocks!

and then afterwards, when you’ve had too much poling, you can get a half body massage upstairs!

Planet Zips was also there to keep things hot and heavy. oh yeh.

Me and Amaya sharing a shot with Tessa. Such a wild lady! Who’d have thought that she was actually a tri-athlete?

Amaya doing the Death Lay. Awesome!

The rest of the night was spent dancing, laughing and poling. It was so much fun and it was such an honor to be able to meet the cast of Cats. Such lovely people! Ah well, hopefully next time we’ll be performing on stage with them instead 😉


2 thoughts on “Cool Cats

    • SuperKaduper says:

      Bebski! haha yes it was oh-some, and then Tessa wrote a little something about us in her article in Inquirer yesterday!:)

      okay i have to try and post something new now, haha. give me other awesome blogs i can check out naman o!:)

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