Allergy (Un)Awareness: Our Experience With Conti’s

It took me a while to write this entry because I wanted to make sure I wasn’t writing from a place of anger or indignation. I wanted my state of mind to be fair because I don’t want to get into a fight, but I do want to make sure they do the right thing.

A couple of weeks ago, Elon was once again rushed to the ER due to an anaphylactic attack. His first experience helped me put my research and preparedness to work, and while I always prayed that we would never have to deal with it in real life, I’m also glad that we knew what to do when it happened.

This second time, it was just me and E. His dad had work and a dinner, so I planned a nice day for just the two of us, which included dinner at Conti’s. I’m not going to say which branch it was, since I’m sure they share the same recipes anyway, and this is something that every single branch needs to act upon. I ordered the smoked BBQ ribs for E, since he has had barbecue a trillion times before. Barbecue is generally one of the safest foods for him. I asked if it contained peanuts or dairy of any form, and informed them of his allergy. I was reassured that it contained none of those things, and I was satisfied.

An hour or so later, we got home and started preparing for bed. In the shower, E started to cough. I thought he accidentally swallowed water from the shower, and didn’t think more of it. Then he started to complain that he was feeling itchy. I got him out of the shower, wiped him down, and got ready to put some lotion on him, when I saw it.

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The Unseen Things We Carry


Sometimes, the mental load is just overwhelming. On the outside, most moms look like they’ve got everything covered and figured out. Chances are, her brain is constantly moving between the one million small things that need to be done in between the 50 big things on her list for the day. Sure, it all seems simple enough. Cook, clean, pay bills, keep child alive, get some writing done, choreograph a song. Continue reading

Finally Feeling Like An Adult!

And no, it’s not because I’ve accomplished some wild, impressive thing. It’s because my 4-year old will be going to kindergarten soon, and I’m 11 weeks along with my second child. THE RESPONSIBILITIES ARE REAL, MY FRIENDS! For some reason, my first few years as a parent has felt like one big experiment. I was totally okay with just going with the flow, not really following a routine, going out and about with my son depending on what we felt like doing that day. Continue reading

The Dreaded Anaphylactic Attack

It started out as a little itch. I saw E scratching his little belly, and his shirt lifted enough to reveal that there were little welts on them. I felt something in my brain kind of click and then I lifted up his shirt, to see the little dots scattered around his torso. The sizes of the welts were varied, and that’s how I knew they were hives, not insect bites.

He walked to his grandparents’ room and lay down on the bed, asking for a back scratch. I went to get his antihistamine (we use Virlix, because he responds well to it), gave him his dose, and his grammy tried to relieve him of his itching. We decided to head home and hoped that the medicine would take effect while we were in the car, so that he could fall asleep and stop clawing away at his skin. But the hives just spread and started swelling even more. I had to take off all of his clothes in an attempt to give him comfort, but then he started coughing, and his eyes started welling up. My heart jumped up to my throat and stayed there for a bit, because this was not a good sign. When they start to cough and wheeze, that means the swelling is probably traveling to the throat and his other organs, heading towards anaphylaxis.  Continue reading

“Mommy, Do You Still Love Me?”

Look. Sometimes I am not proud of myself. There are days when all I really want is to sit on the couch, watch Forensic Files on Netflix, and NOT BE TALKED TO OR TOUCHED ALL DAY LONG. But hey, I am a parent and I’ve waived that right for the next few years. Except for my birthday, because it’s what I asked my husband for as a gift hahaha.

Anyway, on these bad days, sometimes I raise my voice. We have made big strides towards being a yell-free home (my husband has no yelling capabilities, I covered it all for him), but it is still a daily decision I make. We’ve decided that explaining things to E is much more effective than lording our authority over him. We want him to practice cooperation instead of blind obedience. AND HEY SURPRISE! IT ISN’T EASY! Because OH EM GEE sometimes i don’t want to explain any of my actions and I want you to just please for the love of God stop running and let me put lotion on you. Continue reading

New Play Place In BF Homes!

Hello, parents of the south! If you are a work-at-home, stay-at-home, or freelance parent like me, you know that it can get challenging to find things to do with your little kiddos. I have my go-to activities and places, but it’s always exciting to find new ones that are child-friendly, mentally stimulating for your kid, and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! Which means you can do it more often!

And that’s why I was BEYOND elated when I discovered Hands n’ Mind in Pergola Mall in BF Homes Paranaque! You guys. You guys! Continue reading