…by me, her husband. 🙂

Hello dear readers of Superkaduper!’s awesome blog! This is Niki, the husband, taking over for just one entry. She has no idea that I’m doing this so let’s just let her find out on her own, eh?

I’m not a natural writer like my wife and I’ve never written a blog entry like this. Although my wife encouraged me to try it before, I always felt unequipped and scared to just write down the things in my head and let random people know about them.  But I’m taking this chance to write one since it’s for a very special person. One worth taking risks for and bragging about. My only objective for this short (and a bit cheesy) entry is to glorify and celebrate the most beautiful and wonderful person I’ve ever met. A person who’s also celebrating her birthday today – Kris.


BEAUTIFUL, I just want you to know. You’re my favorite girl.



I’ve been singing that to our baby girl in full falsetto lately and it reminded me of how I always thought of us dancing to that summer song in the streets of Cuba whenever you would mention that “bucket-list trip” of ours. But that song always reminds of you because, yes, you are truly beautiful. Always have been. That even though you’ve had moments this past year where you questioned if you’ll ever get your body back from 2009 or at least weigh around 110-120lbs (woops!) again, in my eyes, you are still that beautiful one-of-a-kind girl I met in Ventures 1 Bldg 12 years ago. Even if you think that the second pregnancy made you more unflattering, there’s really no damage done. I think you still don’t need make up to make you more presentable because to me, yours is natural. Age has been very kind to you unlike other people my love. That’s how I see you every single day and, yes, this new season will make you hotter than you’ll ever be. I just want you to know that.


WONDERFUL… matchless in every way.



“Here In Your Presence” is one of my favorite P&W songs. And I just caught myself singing it in my head while writing this entry. Maybe God wanted to remind me of how awesome you’ve been as a mother, wife and friend this past year. You’re a supermom to a lot of people because of how you raise & nurture our 5-year old fireball at home plus the addition of our 2-month old Amazonian princess. You’ve been focusing on our baby girl a lot and battling body aches but those things haven’t stopped you or even slowed you down in making sure that our family’s cup is still being filled with love. With the countless things that occupy your mind and physical space, you still find ways to make sure that your family is healthy both in body and spirit. You have so little time for yourself lately but you always make it a point to really consider others and connect. That even though I always encourage you to do things for yourself & enjoy your alone time, which is rare, you’ll still prefer to just be together and create simple moments. That’s just how you’re wired I guess. Your ability and personality to spread so much love to others is just wonderful. You might be thinking that I’m describing a different person… but in my point of view, that’s you.

We will be celebrating YOU for the next few days and I can’t wait to shower you with love through food, kisses and quality moments. You deserve more given our current season and I hope your cup will just overflow just like how you’ve been pouring in to our family and to others. We will dance in the streets (of Alabang not Cuba) to celebrate how beautiful and wonderful you are. Enjoy all the love you’ll receive today and don’t be shy to ask for what will make you feel celebrated and happy. Guilt-free. I thank God for you Kris and what He’s preparing for you this year. Happy Birthday my God’s Best! I love you!

To My Husband, On Your 34th Birthday

I don’t know if I can truly describe how it feels.

It’s like butter melting on a hot knife; honey oozing out of the honeycomb. Like a wave of comfort coming over me, enveloping me from head to toe, and I get lost in its warmth. It makes me feel like a child, safe and small and secure under a blanket of soft kisses and quiet whispers of “sweet dreams” and “goodnight”. The tightness in my body melts away, and I feel sleep take over instantly, sending me floating on a cloud of dreaming. After all of these years, this is still how it feels like when I crawl into the safety of your arms. Nuzzled in your chest, I hear the roar of your heartbeat and the steady rhythm of your breath. You are still my safe place.

The world has been so fortunate to have had you for the last 34 years- kind, loving, supportive you. A man I’ve been told so many times I’m lucky to have, but they don’t even know the half of it. I want to tell everybody about you, to shout from the rooftops about how great you are, how amazing it is to be loved by you. But you wouldn’t like it, that’s not attention you’ve ever wanted or needed. All you ever required was to be loved genuinely, and pancake breakfasts, and back scratches, and tender words. You never ask for much, even when you deserve it all.

Our life has taken so many twists and turns, and we’re currently on a new adventure. We don’t really get to hold each other’s hands; there are little ones we’re holding on to for now. We don’t really get to cuddle for a long time, since there are little heads taking up space in the crooks of our arms. We struggle to stay up late just to catch up on each other’s day, but sometimes find ourselves surrendering to sleep. Please know that even when that happens, I still hold you dearly in my dreams. I would not want to be on this adventure with anybody else but you, my love. You are my always.

On this special day of yours, I hope you find yourself looking at your life and knowing that this is exactly where you are supposed to be. God placed you here, and you will be watered, and you will thrive, and you will stretch out like a big, strong tree, bearing fruit and giving shelter. May your cup be filled to the overflowing, your heart content and your spirit at peace. You are so loved.

Happy, happy birthday my darling. Remember that you are safe here. You will always be safe here.

Navigating the World of Adult Friendships

Here’s a topic I don’t talk about often: the confusing, complicated world of friendship. Adult friendships, to be specific.

When you’re young, making friends is easy. All you have to do is find common ground to make a connection. Since you don’t have any big responsibilities, you have all the time in the world to hang out and be dumb together. And being dumb together is (almost) always fun and seems to be the basis of many lasting memories. I had the kind of best friends who I spent hours on the phone with; friends so attached we would talk even while one of us was in the toilet. Those days when you just couldn’t imagine not telling each other every single detail of every single crisis (and back then, EVERYTHING was a crisis).

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A Machine for Making More Love

Sometimes, it’s easy to not see our kids when they’re little. They depend on you for everything, so most of the time your mind is preoccupied with how to keep them alive from day to day. You’re managing schedules, making grocery lists, keeping track of laundry, folding laundry, picking up laundry, OMG THERE’S ALWAYS SO MUCH LAUNDRY!!! The mental load of daily life fills up your head and you don’t realize that you’ve little space left for just… being. Sometimes, that means forgetting to turn all the other things off and just sitting down with your little guy, hanging out, doing nothing together.

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Four-Year-Old Wonder

“Mommy, did you know that there are many ways to die?”

I pulled my son’s uniform over his head, trying not to show that I was taken aback by this out-of-the-blue statement. We were getting ready for school and he was fresh from the shower, lathered with lotion, his damp hair matted down on his forehead. The sun was shining brightly outside, the birds were chirping happily, and my curious, contemplative child wanted to discuss death.

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Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (AKA Pelvis Sucker Punch)

Imagine you’re on a bike. This bike has the worst seat, the type that just digs into your pelvis in the most special way it can. Now take this bike on a two-hour ride on a rocky mountainside, and you’ll have an idea of how Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction (SPD) feels like. This has been my life for the past month, and it is not fun.

I had never heard of this, until I told my doctor about how I constantly feel like my vagene is about to fall out, and she told me about this wonderful pregnancy issue.

I was in so much pain I couldn’t remember the name of one of the world’s most iconic action stars while complaining to my husband.

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Magic Sleepytime Oil

A couple of weeks ago, I had a visit from my lovely friend Kaity. Now while time spent with her is always wonderful, this specific day she brought a little magic. Magic in the form of this massage oil:


While it’s called a Mama Massage Oil, it also claims to be safe to use on kids 6 months and up. Based on my research, lavender and rose oil are quite safe and commonly used for small children, so I decided to try it on my vibrant 4-year-old. Continue reading